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The cost of dental implants depends on many factors, including the type of implantation, the dentist performing the procedure, the location where the implant placement surgery is performed, the dental implant material used and.. Read More


An Nguyen DDS, MS Prosthodontist has practiced dentistry for over 10 years following completion of his Doctor of Dental Surgery at Howard University in 2003. He was selected by the United States Navy for advance training to become a Dental Specialist at the University of Florida. Read More about the Doctor

29 Palms Dental offers revolutionary screening equipment known as Diagnodent

"Every dentist should be using this technology - Ask about it!"

Diagnodent is a hand-held laser device that is able to detect even the smallest amounts of tooth decay and cavities. Most decay begins in the cracks and grooves on the surface of your teeth and by the time cavities are noticed it is often an indication of a much larger problem. With use of this advanced technology we are able to treat small cavities and tooth decay before they become more exhaustive procedures or cause a patient pain. Screening is a quick and painless process and helps to keep your teeth healthy for a life time.

Believe it or not, as much as 50% of tooth decay may go undetected by traditional dental methods of probing and other diagnostic techniques. With laser cavity detection cavities can typically be spotted earlier and the number of dental procedures can often be reduced. It’s a great way to keep little problems from becoming big problems. Never experience another cavity again. Contact us to find out more about laser cavity screening.

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Straighter and whiter teeth in 6 months

Professional in-office teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the world today.

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